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Australia braces for swimmers to swim out of the water this week

A new beach holiday in Australia is being rolled out ahead of swimmers returning to the country after they spent weeks trapped in the mud at the Grand Banks beach resort.

The Government is urging all residents to stay off beaches until the end of the week in preparation for the weekend’s expected influx of swamers.

In the state of Queensland, residents have been told to stay out of beaches for the first four days after the water returned to normal after the summer monsoon season, as well as for at least four days during the first three weeks of September.

There will be no swimming in public beaches in Queensland until September 13.

“We are taking this opportunity to offer the public some reassurance that their safety will be guaranteed on these beaches as they have been during the past several months,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“For the safety of our residents and visitors, the Government is recommending that everyone return to their beaches by Friday, September 14.”

“Residents should be aware that, as the season moves forward, swimmers will be able to enter their beach areas but be aware of the potential risks associated with swimming,” the Queensland Government said in a statement.

“Residents can also consider the option of staying out of public beaches until water returns to normal.”

While swimmers should be cautious and cautious in the water, there is little to fear.

The Queensland Government urged people to stay in their homes and away from the water during the monsoon.

The Grand Banks resort is located just west of Brisbane and is popular with locals for its large number of pools, sun lounges and beach parties.

In addition to swimming at its swimming beaches, the resort is known for its spa and spa-like facilities, including an indoor swimming pool.ABC/wires