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Hot Springs Spa Resort and Spa Castle Nyc is now owned by Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Hot Springs is owned by the Hot Springs family.

The company is now called Hot Springs & Spa Castle & Resort, according to a press release.

Hot Springs is a private spa resort that offers a range of services including massage, body painting, massage therapy, hair removal, face painting, body waxing and more.

It also offers a spa for private weddings and a private dining area for private parties.

It is the second-oldest spa in the United States, after the New York City Hot Springs.

Hot springs resort has more than 1,200 rooms, according, and is a popular destination for wedding and party guests.

The resort opened in 2009, and it has about 3,200 square feet of retail space, according the press release from Hot Springs Casino & Spa.

The hotel is now under construction and has opened a private restaurant.