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L.A. spa resort gets new lease agreement with new owner

L.I.A.’s exclusive Leisure Spa Resort is about to get a new lease.

The company announced Wednesday it will buy out the lease on the 2,300-acre property, which sits just west of Hollywood and the Los Angeles River.

The new owners will move to a new facility in the L.O.D.D., which means the resort will be closed in 2018.

The new owners did not disclose a price.

The Leisure spa has been a favorite destination for celebrities since its opening in 2005.

The spa is now a multi-purpose facility with an indoor swimming pool, an indoor fitness center, and a yoga studio.

In an interview with the Los Angles Times, L.L.A.-based spa owner and president Kevin Kelly said he wanted to continue serving the community by offering a quality spa experience.

“We have the luxury of being in a very, very safe environment, with a lot of amenities, but at the same time being able to maintain our reputation as a premier spa in the city of L.