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Why do you love Japan? It’s all about the spa

Soho spa in Osaka has been a fixture for over 100 years, and has a very different vibe to most Japanese places.

Here’s what it’s like for visitors who like their spa experience in the moment.


SoHo Spa: “We love the spa” The atmosphere at SoHo is relaxed and relaxing, with bright lights, natural light, and a relaxing atmosphere.

We visited the spa during the rainy season in November and there was a beautiful sun on the windowsill.


Soho Spa: The inside is just like any other spa, but the way the water is changed is more like a spa.


SoHos Spa: SoHo’s spa room is very relaxing.


SoHO Spa: We didn’t get to visit the other rooms but we found the bathtub to be very relaxing!


SoHI Spa: There’s an incredible view from the spa’s large terrace!


SoHi Spa: This is the same room we visited during our visit to the spa in October 2017!


SoHA Spa: This is the second-floor room of the spa.

It has a huge pool and it has been transformed into a sauna and spa in its own right!


SoHa Spa: In the room we had a massage that was so wonderful!


SoHE Spa: It was the perfect spa for a night of dancing!

10. SoHe Spa: “Our visit to SoHo was the best we have had in the past few years!”

SoHo has always been a popular place for foreigners to go to, so the Japanese spa was a perfect place to get a taste of what it is like to be a foreigner in Japan.


Sohi Spa: A lot of people visit the spa each year, and I think that it is a wonderful experience for them.


SoHY Spa: I love the way you feel when you get in the spa and have a massage.


Sohy Spa: People come here with the expectation that you will get a massage, but it is not the case.


SoSHO Spa: Most people go to this spa because it is located in the middle of the city.

It is a large spa, with lots of natural light and warm and inviting surroundings.


SoSho Spa: What makes this spa special?

It is very welcoming, and the staff are very friendly and understanding.


SoHy Spa: Here are a few of the things we loved about this spa!


Soha Spa: You will be amazed at the variety of different massage treatments you can do here.


SoHC Spa: And that is just the first room.

The second and third rooms are available as well!


So HO Spa: If you come to SoHO in November, you will be pleasantly surprised with the many different types of different types, which you can find at this spa.