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Why your foot spa may be more comfortable in the privacy of your home

With its patented foot spa, Wal-Mart is aiming to take the spa concept one step further, with a spa that’s designed to feel like home.

Here’s how it works: The first step is to design your spa.

A series of custom-built chambers are fitted with a magnetic levitation system, which allows for comfortable positioning of feet in the room.

To avoid discomfort, you also have to wear socks.

The spa also features a large sauna area and an underwater treadmill.

“We think that our foot spa has the potential to be one of the most comfortable places on Earth,” Wal-Man says.

“With the technology and the technology in your spa, you can stay more productive, stay in shape, and have a more relaxed environment.”

That may sound a little odd, but according to the company, you’ll also enjoy “a more intimate, intimate, and intimate experience.”

And you’ll be able to enjoy all of this while you’re away from your feet.

That includes the possibility of using virtual reality (VR) in your room, too.