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You might not want to spend your birthday at a spa if you’re worried about the mercury

The Canadian Medical Association is urging people to avoid spending their birthday at an oceanfront spa or a beachfront spa, and to stay away from the waters of the city.

In its annual report on health, the CMA said that many people who go to these places do not realize that the mercury is the main factor that can cause illness.

“In a population that is predominantly exposed to the ocean, the effects of mercury are likely to be more pronounced in areas that are warmer,” the CMDA said.

It noted that while mercury exposure has been decreasing in recent years, the mercury levels in the waters are still rising.

The association also said that while the mercury level in a spa can be lower than the normal daily exposure level, people are still being exposed to high levels of mercury, especially during the summer months.

The group said the number of people who experience symptoms of mercury poisoning has increased dramatically in recent decades.

The CMA also said the CSA has seen a rise in cases of the illness, with an average of 10 new cases a year reported to the CSE in 2015-16.