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Zen nail spa to expand in Singapore

Zen nail care spa will open in Singapore on November 18, according to a news report.

Zen nail spa has already been operating in Singapore since 2016, and is currently on a roll.

According to the news report, the spa will be the third Zen nail salon to open in the country.

The first two are in Shandong and Shenzhen.

The third is in Hong Kong.

The Zen nail beauty spa will offer a range of services from the spa-style nail polish salon, including manicures, pedicures and skin care, as well as nail polish and nail polish accessories.

The spa will also sell custom nail art.

Zen is a global beauty brand founded in 2010 and based in Japan.

Zen is the world’s largest and most renowned nail brand.

The company has been selling its signature nail care products in China, Hong Kong and Singapore since 2005.