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Glen Iris spa to offer nude spa

Glen Iris Spa is planning to open a nude spa in the next few weeks in the city.

The spa, which opened last year, is part of the city’s Pride Celebration, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

It will be a place where the residents can relax, be the first to be crowned, and have fun, said manager Emily Hallett.

“The nude spa will be something that people will be able to come to and enjoy the spa,” she said.

“There’s nothing like a spa in Glen Iris.

There’s no clothes, no makeup, no needles, there’s no plastic bags in the spa, no stuff.

It’s just a safe space for people to be themselves.””

We’re really excited to have a place like this.

It will definitely give us a sense of community, which is what we’re really aiming for with the Pride Celebration,” Halleatt said.

The city’s mayor and council have approved a $2 million bond for the project.

The City Council voted unanimously to allow the Glen Iris Public Library to purchase and use the property.

Glen Iris Spa was the first nude spa to open in Glen Isle, which had an area code of 4.5, and was the only spa in Ireland to offer naked services.