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“I’m a very special person,” woman says of her experience with cancer

When Jessica Pare was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer last November, she had to make the difficult decision to have her uterus removed.

She had been on the wait list for six months, and the surgery cost $1,400.

It was also the first time in her life she had ever experienced what it’s like to undergo a hysterectomy.

Pare said it was not an easy decision, but that it was the right one for her.

“I didn’t have any regrets, but I knew I had to do this because I loved my life,” she said.

The decision to undergo surgery came as the first of several, and Pare has said it made her feel like she was a superhero.

When Pare first started getting treatment, she did not feel comfortable enough to go to a regular doctor, so she decided to get a nurse practitioner.

In her time as a nurse, Pare saw more than 70 patients and worked with patients at different stages of their cancer treatments.

After a year and a half, Paren had the surgery and was given a hymenectomy, which was the first surgery for patients diagnosed with cervical cancer.

She has since undergone a hystaesthetic procedure called an epidural and is now back in her job.

For Jessica Paren, a woman who has cancer, a hySTAesthetic surgery is a “miracle”She said the hystaraesthetic procedure is a new option that she has never experienced before.

Pare, who is also a nurse for a community health agency, said it has made her more comfortable and less stressed.

It is a way for her to “feel normal again,” she told CNN.

A hystasis, or a hysterotomy, is a surgical procedure that involves cutting open a woman’s uterus to close it, and removing a small portion of the uterus.

It is a very rare procedure, but Pare says it is not uncommon.

About 15% of women diagnosed with cancer will undergo hystasis, and only about 4% will be able to have the surgery, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

One of the risks is the risk of infection.

Paren said she was told her chances of contracting an infection after the hystaestasis were higher than those of other patients.

But she is confident she will have a full recovery.

Pare said the surgery was a huge relief, and that she is now able to take care of herself and her family.

“The best thing I can say is that I’m a whole lot stronger,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It was a miracle.”