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‘My life is so much more fun’: Spa owner says he’s ‘a little bit of a narcissist’

A Lake Austin, Ont., spa owner is in a race to find a new buyer for his two-story luxury resort, where he’s been operating since 1996.

The owners say they have spent nearly $50 million on renovations to the former beauty salon and that they plan to open another spa in 2018.

The spa’s owners, Steve and Julie Koehler, say the owners have lost more than $100,000 in the past five years and have put themselves through bankruptcy court.

“I am very proud of the work that we have done.

We are very proud that the Lake Austins have been the most successful spa in the world,” said Julie Koeshler, who owns the spa.

The Koeslers bought the Lakeland Spa in 2013 and renamed it Lotus Spa.

The new name came about after a new owner contacted them and asked them to sell the business.

“It was something that we thought was going to be very successful,” said Koesler.

“We are just in a bit of limbo right now.

We just want to get the business right.”

The Koelsers had been considering a sale for more than two years before they made the decision to take the fight to the court system.

The couple has been battling the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Commission for years over allegations that the spa’s paint was contaminated with mould and other contaminants.

In January, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed the safety of the spa, which was inspected in 2013.

The FDA says the spa was never tested for mould or other contaminants, but the Koeslers say the spa has been working to comply with all federal regulations since the inspection.

The Canadian Competition Bureau, which is investigating the spa and is also looking into other claims of unsafe conditions, said in a statement that the Koelers have been given 30 days to prove they are not in violation of any of the law.

The complaint against the Kokelsers is seeking an injunction against the spa owners and the sale of the property.

“This is not about the Kopellers being the worst in the business,” said John Clements, a lawyer with the law firm Pecan Hill who is representing the Kokeslers.

“They’re not the worst at the business.”

The spa has a reputation for providing a safe, pleasant and comfortable environment for its customers.

The salon has hosted a number of high-profile celebrities including Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Justin Bieber and the Queen.

The lawsuit also alleges the spa is failing to provide adequate insurance, which the Kaseslers say is necessary to protect their employees.

The Lakeland spa is in the midst of an expansion that includes a new restaurant, a new spa, a restaurant-themed bar and an upgraded indoor pool.

The expansion is expected to open this summer.