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The best-known nail salons in San Diego


— A few weeks ago, the name of one of the best-kept secrets in the nail industry, Santa Barbara-based Bella Spa, went viral.

The name Bella Spa has been synonymous with glamorous, stylish, and exotic manicures since the 1960s, when the company was founded by the daughter of a famous model, Marlene Zebb.

Today, Bella Spa’s salon, in the San Diego Bay Area’s Ocean Avenue neighborhood, is a destination for those seeking the ultimate in glamour.

The name Bella is derived from the name Bella, a local word that means “beautiful.”

Its sister company, Bella Hair Spa, also has a similar name, Bella Nails.

With a collection of over 1,000 products, Bella has become one of San Diego’s most beloved salons.

But its popularity was born not from the prestige of its manicures, but from its unique approach to manicuring.

“Our customers are often confused by the idea of a salon, but the reality is we work in a world of nails,” said Jill Eichner, Bella’s executive director.

When a customer comes in, she or he is asked to select the nail color, length, and style they want.

When a client arrives, the salon staff puts a pair of scissors to the nail and cuts them in a special way.

“Then we go over the nail with a small nail comb, and we apply a very thin layer of gel, like a gel base, which makes the cut more comfortable,” Eichener said.

Bella Spa has an extensive and diverse portfolio, from manicures and waxes to body and hair products.

For every manicure a client orders, they get a set of 5 different colors, depending on the style they select.

Bella also offers a selection of body care products, including skincare, makeup, nail polish, and eye makeup.

For more information about Bella Spa and how you can see the full collection, visit Bella Spa.

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