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‘A New Kind of Drama’ in New York City spa shooting

It was a Saturday night in late July, and the owner of a local spa shooting was trying to set up a new routine.

The shooting was being hosted by the King Spa in Brooklyn, a neighborhood of high-end restaurants and high-profile shops where celebrity guests come to relax.

A small group of people had been hired to do a few rounds, the owner said, and he was nervous about the shoot.

But when he saw the group of journalists coming in, he decided to go ahead and shoot anyway.

As he was setting up the camera, the journalists began to ask him about his family.

Asking questions and taking pictures were part of what makes his job so exciting, he told them.

When the shots were finished, the media began to leave, and they went into another room.

When he came out, they asked him what was wrong.

He said he was just trying to get out of the way, he said, so he went to grab his gun.

The press asked about the shooting, and after that, they all left.

Then the photographer, a member of the media, and a few of the reporters started to get nervous.

He told them he had to go, and asked them to stay, to calm down.

But they were still coming in and were trying to photograph the shooting.

“I was getting really nervous,” he said.

“The press was so polite.

I was thinking, ‘Why do I have to leave?'”

And then a few minutes later, he was shot.

“As I turned to run, I heard one bullet hit my shoulder, the other hit the side of my head and the third shot hit my heart,” he told me.

The bullet came through his ear and he had a concussion.

His head hit the pavement and he collapsed.

“We didn’t even know we were hit,” he remembered.

The shots to the head had knocked him unconscious, and for a while, he could not move.

He woke up at a hospital, but then he went home and woke up the next day with an infection on his brain.

He is now in the intensive care unit in New Hyde Park Hospital.

“It was pretty bad,” he continued.

“You could tell that the bullet had penetrated the brain.

“I’m not saying that I’m okay,” he added. “

When I got to the hospital, I started to cry.”

“I’m not saying that I’m okay,” he added.

“But I was pretty sore for the next week.”

When he got home, he had an MRI and other tests and the results came back positive for a high-risk virus.

The King Spa owner, who asked to be identified only as “Mike,” said that he has not had any problems with the virus.

“There are a lot more things that can go wrong, but that’s what I’m afraid of,” he explained.

“My biggest fear is the possibility of contracting the virus.”

He said that his wife is the only person who can treat him, and that they have a child.

When I asked him if he thought the shot would have gone better had the shots been done in a different location, he laughed.

“Absolutely not,” he answered.

“If I had to guess, I would say it would have been a lot worse.”

The King Spas, a high, well-known and well-regarded spa in Queens, has a history of shooting and is known for its luxurious treatment and celebrity clients.

Mike’s brother, Michael, has been the shooting instructor at the King Spases for more than a decade.

He shot his first shooting with the King spa in 2007 and has taught the company for the past 18 years.

He has also taught other shooting instructors at the spa, including a former owner.

When asked why he had chosen to shoot with the company, Mike said that it was “a new kind of drama.”

“There’s a certain amount of tension and a certain kind of pressure and a very public nature,” he went on.

“And when you have that kind of tension in your life, you need to create a space where people feel comfortable and where the cameras don’t have to be there.

And it’s the way I want to do that.”

“It’s like a war zone,” Mike added.

The news about the recent shooting in New Jersey shocked many.

“These guys are really nice, but there’s something about their work that is really unsettling,” said Michael, who is married to a nurse.

“They are just people that have their work in the news.

It’s not that they don’t deserve respect and their job is important.

They’re just people who are making money off of our suffering.”

Mike said the company had received a lot, including death threats, since the shooting and that there were other employees in danger.

“Everyone has a job, but we do have people in danger,” he admitted.

“What happened here, it’s like war. It