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Dog spa is taking over the city for dogs

Dog spa owner Jason Nettles is taking the city by storm.

Nettling has a pet spa in downtown Seattle, and he has a second one in Bellevue, Washington. 

Nettles told ABC News he got the idea for his Seattle pet spa when his dog, Mimi, was diagnosed with a rare, rare disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Nittles said he thought it would be fun to take the dog to Seattle for a visit.

He said he saw the city’s downtown skyline and thought it might be fun, too.

“I’m not a big city guy, so I didn’t really have much of a desire to go,” Nettlies said.

“I’m a dog person.

I like dogs, and I love dogs.

I’m not going to let Mimi get me down.”

Dog spa owner says his Seattle Pet Spa is the most successful he’s ever been.

He says he has seen a significant increase in dog tourism.

“We have had over 300 new visitors to our Seattle Pet Salon since opening our Seattle office,” Nittlies said in a statement.

“The Seattle Pet spa has been an absolute success, and the positive response from the dogs has been tremendous.”

Dog salon owner, owner of Seattle pet Spa says Seattle pet owners are coming in from around the country to visit his Seattle spa.

Nettling said he has heard positive things about his Seattle location.

“There are many, many positive reviews of the dog spa.

It’s been the most popular pet spa we’ve had,” Nipples said.

Nipples is not the only one who’s been able to bring a pet-friendly pet spa to Seattle.

In October, The Washington Post reported that the owners of an animal boarding facility in Tacoma had also bought their dog-friendly dog spa and moved it to the Seattle area.

The Washington Humane Society says the Seattle Pet Spas have also had positive results.

“The Pet Spa has been very, very, effective,” Julie McLeod, president of the Seattle Humane Society, told ABC.

“And they’re coming to the Puget Sound, and they’re enjoying it.”

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