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‘Dream Maker’ spa resort at Leagues Club in Ballantyne could be a future for Perth

A Perth-based luxury spa is set to become a part of the Ballantine’s Dreams Club, the new club of luxury hotels and villas in the heart of Perth.

The dream maker spa is a concept designed to help the Perth region’s creative class.

It’s a combination of luxury resorts, theme parks and art galleries, all set within a small city in Western Australia.

Its opening at Ballantines Dreams Club on December 31 is scheduled for the end of 2018.

A number of different projects are currently underway at Ballants Dreams Club including a theme park, a boutique hotel and a spa.

There is also a proposed new spa complex.

The concept also features a rooftop terrace that has been designed to be an art gallery, as well as a rooftop pool that is set with water features and natural stone.

Ballantines dreams club is set for its grand opening on December 30.

It has been named the second-most luxurious resort in Australia by The Wall Street Journal, with a $15 million budget.

For more information on Ballanties Dreams Club visit: www.dunno.com.au/dreammakers-spa-surf-surgery-specialist-spas-new-spaces-to-come-pwc-2018/article20596850/The-dream-maker-spashabark-is-set-to–be-the-future-of-pwa-2018-spark-australia-pws-news.html Doorways at Ballantis Dreams Club at Leaguers Club in Balmore, which opened in 2017.

Source: The Wall St Journal