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East wind spa in Perth’s east has the best-kept secrets

The East Wind Spa in Perth is the best kept secret in town, but what’s not to love?

It’s tucked away behind a large white stone arch, and its one of the few public spaces in the CBD that has its own sign outside.

Located in the former East End of Perth, it has a number of notable features.

The building’s former owner, a real estate firm, built it in the 1960s to house an abandoned cinema.

It is also home to a number other historic properties, including the famous Victorian Theatre, and a hotel.

The place is also the only place in the world to have a large fountain of water.

So what makes it so special?

In the early days of the East Wind, when the Perth-based hotel chain, Westwind, was a relative unknown, its owners were very proud of their building and its location on the corner of Kings Street and the Queen Street promenade.

A large sign in the front of the building boasted “a hotel with its own signature”.

Westwind’s current owners, Western Hotels, also had a great deal of interest in the building, and it was a natural fit to partner with them.

The new Westwind Hotel in the same building, now known as the Westwind Arena, is also located just a few blocks away, but is owned by a different owner.

Western Hotel was founded in 1892, and the original hotel has been in operation for more than 60 years.

The Westwind building, however, is still the only building in Perth owned by Western Hot and is still in the process of being sold.

In the late 1950s, it was built in the name of a famous Perth hotel owner, James West, and was one of a number properties he bought for himself and his family in the mid-1930s.

The structure is now the main tenant of the Perth City Centre Centre, which is home to the City Hall.

The property has a long history, dating back to 1884, when James West acquired the land from the Victorian Government for a total of $5,000.

He named the property after his father, a wealthy landowner who owned a large property in Perth.

The land was then used to build the Western Hotel.

Today, the building sits vacant, although it is hoped that the future owner of the West Wind will use it to house a new hotel.

Inside the building’s courtyard, there are large stone walls, each of which are made of concrete and lined with brick, to help keep out the elements.

Outside, there is a huge glass window that allows the water in the fountain to flood the space.

In keeping with the theme of the hotel, a large bronze statue of a woman stands in front of a large glass door, which leads to a large fountains in the back of the courtyard.

A fountain at the bottom of the fountain has been the symbol of the Western Hot Hotel since the early 1900s.

It has been decorated by the owners of Westwind as a symbol of their business, and is located in a large hall that overlooks the courtyard where the hotel sits.

As well as the Fountain of Water, the fountain is a popular location for people to swim.

The hotel is not the only landmark to be built in Perth, and there are a number more to be discovered around the city.

If you’re visiting Perth in the summer, there’s always the chance to see the world’s most famous lighthouse.

The world’s tallest lighthouse, the lighthouse at the base of Mt Barker, has been a landmark in Perth since 1911, and has a reputation for being the world´s best lighthouse.

A plaque on the top of the tower marks the spot where the first lighthouse beacon was built, and features a small bronze figure of a man and woman in a red hat.

The lighthouse was built at the height of the Second World War, and today the lighthouse is a tourist attraction.

As you head down the stairs from the hotel’s entrance, you will see a bronze statue in the background.

This statue has been featured on the WA Tourism website, and you can find more information on the Perth Tourism website.

There is also a history of the nearby East End, where the East End Hotel was established.

The name is a reference to the East and West End, which were built by the same builder, James and Sarah East, who also owned the East West Hotel and Hotel East.

It’s also an important landmark in the city’s history, having been constructed in the 1890s.

Inside, you’ll find the entrance to the former West Wind Hotel, as well as a gallery, a gallery of the owners’ furniture, and even a statue of the famous James West.

As for the West Wing, it is an indoor facility that was designed to serve as a hotel for up to 300 people.

In 2018, the WestWind Arena, which was built on the site of the old East End hotel, opened.

The facility is