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How to avoid getting tattooed in Japan

What if you just want to get your body painted black?

That’s just one of the concerns of many in Japan who are worried about getting tattoos after the deadly Nemacolin Spa shooting.

The spa in Nara prefecture was closed on Friday after the incident.

Japanese media outlets have reported that the two women who opened fire on staff and injured two others were shot by a security guard after he opened fire with a rifle and pistol.

Police said the woman who opened fired was also the suspect in the shooting of a security official in Tokyo earlier this month.

The shootings sparked an outpouring of grief and condemnation from across the country.

“It’s tragic that people who have been suffering from mental illnesses are so suddenly killed by security guards,” said Haruhiro Usui, a local lawyer.

A similar incident happened in the town of Kanazawa, which is close to Nara, in October when a gunman killed a security officer who was shot in the head by a bystander.

More than 300 people have been injured and over a dozen people have died in Japan since the Nemacolins shooting.