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How to spot the new ‘clean’ spa chemicals

A number of new products containing ‘clean’, ‘clean-looking’ chemicals have been announced by spa chemicals manufacturer, Midtowne Spa.

The company, based in Dublin, has been pushing to introduce cleaner and more eco-friendly alternatives to some of the more harmful chemicals in the spa industry.

These include hydrogen peroxide and chlorine, both of which have been banned by the EU.

It is also the first to include a ‘toxicologist’ with a PhD in chemistry, and the first in Ireland.

Mr John Breen said it was important for spa owners to be aware of the chemicals they are using and be able to make informed decisions about whether to use them.

“We’ve got a very clear message, we don’t want to use these chemicals, we’re not going to use any of them and we want to avoid these chemicals,” he said.

“This is not a new idea.

It’s a well-researched approach that’s been around for a while.”

It’s just a very different approach.

It might not be as ‘clean and safe’ as some of these chemicals that are used, but it is very safe.

“We’re trying to get it out there and we think it’s going to be very popular and we’re hoping that people will like it, but also hopefully encourage others to try and use it.”

The company’s products will be available from midtown spa chemicals in November.

“The products are based on the same basic technology as the other products that are on the market, but the packaging is different,” Mr Breen explained.

“There’s a ‘clean look’ with all the ‘clean looking’ stuff, the ingredients and the ingredients lists are all the same, but you can see the ingredients on the packaging.”

Mr Brennan said that the spa chemicals were being developed for consumers, but they are also being tested for toxicity and effectiveness for specific use.

“These chemicals have no known toxicity, and we know that they have a very low toxicity in general and we’ve tested these chemicals on animals for several years and we haven’t had any adverse effects,” he added.

He said the company is also working with environmental organisations and industry bodies to ensure that the products are safe for the environment and that consumers are aware of what they are putting into their bodies.

“What we’re trying really hard to do is to make sure that we’re putting these products out into the community in a way that is sustainable, that is a safe alternative to other chemicals that you see on the shelves in a lot of the other countries,” Mr Ahern said.