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How to stop a foot spa’s foot massage

The New York Times has published a detailed report about how a foot massage business that uses the technique to “massage feet” can be easily shut down.

The article, which comes as the US is on the brink of a new pandemic, reveals how one company, Kumstead Spa, has been operating a series of foot-massage businesses that are allegedly “tampering with the natural healing properties of the human foot.”

In one of the stories, a woman in her 50s described how she was “forced to work long hours at Kumstead” and that the massage “is a business of pain, not pleasure.”

“They do nothing but torture me,” she said, according to the report.

Another woman told the Times how the company’s massage service was “designed to create a state of mind and numb the mind” that would be beneficial to its clients.

“The way it’s done, it’s like a laser treatment,” the woman said, adding that the masseuse was not licensed and that he was “the only person that knows the rules.”

In another story, a customer told the paper that her husband had complained to the company about his foot pain.

The man said the masseuses “did not offer a remedy, they just left me with no pain at all,” according to Fox News.

“I told them, ‘I have to go back to work, and I can’t do this anymore,'” the woman added.

The company was subsequently closed.

The NYT’s report, titled “How a Foot Massage Business is Turning into a Nightmare,” said the practice “is an elaborate scam.”

“It’s like selling drugs to the poor,” the New York City-based consumer group Consumer Watchdog told Fox News in a statement.

“It is the same way that massage parlors that treat customers for nothing but pain can be shut down.”

The company is not the first business to receive the wrath of the FDA, however.

In March, the agency announced that it had shut down several massage parlor chains in the US, including Kumstead and Kumstead Foot Spa.

In February, the government banned two massage parliment operators in New Jersey from operating until 2020.

The New York Attorney General’s office said the FDA had also shut down massage parlament operators that operate in New York and New Jersey in recent months.