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Parents sue over ‘children spa’

Parents have lodged a legal action against the owners of a children’s spa in the Northern Territory.

Key points:The spa in Bali’s Mount Isa was raided in September 2018Parents claim the owners refused to provide water for their children’s needs, forcing them to spend hours in the waterSource: News24A couple of hours after their children left the water-filled room, the owners stormed the premises, taking away their mobile phones and laptops, according to their lawyer.

“They took the kids’ phones, iPads, laptops, even their bank cards,” Mr Hulme said.

“We’ve been left with a lot of stress.”

I’ve lost my job and my wife, she has a young son, he has a little girl, so it’s a big deal.

“It’s not a normal situation.”

Mr Hulle said the family had been left embarrassed and devastated by what had happened.

“The owners said the kids needed to use the water, so I thought it was fair enough,” he said.”[But] they were the ones who had to come to the hospital.”

And we’ve been unable to visit them.

“The parents’ lawyer said the owners had denied they were providing the children with any water, and had told them they were not allowed to use it.”

There was a bit of an argument, which was quite a lot,” Mr O’Brien said.

The couple has filed a claim for breach of contract, breach of implied warranty of good faith and breach of the Australian Consumer Law.

They are seeking more than $200,000 in damages.