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Shocking video shows a man being dragged through the sand and beaten by the sea in the Philippines

A video showing a man beheaded by sharks in the southern Philippines has sparked outrage among the country’s traditional fishermen.

The footage was filmed at the popular beach resort of Sojo in central Mindanao, which is popular with tourists.

The man, identified only as “T.

J”, was filmed by a member of a local fisherman’s association after he had complained about a large number of sharks.

He said the fishermen had attacked him, beat him and dragged him down to the beach.

“When we caught up with him he was already dead,” the man said.

“The fishermen were yelling at us.

When we tried to help him, the fishermen grabbed him and kicked him.

They dragged him to the sea.”

The man was dragged for about 20 metres by the sharks and beaten, according to the fisherman.

The incident came days after a group of fishermen from a fishing boat in the same region reportedly attacked and beat two fishermen in a similar incident.

The fisherman’s group reportedly attacked the two men and beat them.

One of the fishermen is said to be seriously injured.