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Woman who tried to kill her lover’s girlfriend with acid claims it was her first acid attack

A woman who tried her best to kill an ex-boyfriend with acid has claimed she had an affair with the victim’s girlfriend before the attack.

The woman, who cannot be named, made the claim in a police interview.

She said she first became sexually involved with the man after he asked her to have sex with him in her house in August 2016.

The man told her she had been sleeping with a group of men in the house, the woman said.

“He told me it was for her and he was going to take her away,” she said.

The pair eventually fell out, she said, but then the man returned with a bottle of acid.

“I was in a bad mood and I thought it was going down well,” she told the BBC.

“Then he came back and said I was going back to the house and he had a knife and he stabbed me.”

The woman told the police she had initially been scared, but later realised she was being attacked and felt “violated” by her attacker.

“It was a horrific feeling, like I was in the grip of a knife,” she added.

Police have charged the woman with attempted murder.

“This is an extremely serious crime,” Detective Inspector Mark Wilson, of West Yorkshire Police, said.

She added: “It’s a very distressing case that we have received.”

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