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Man charged with murder in Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa home fire

Posted September 10, 2018 07:19:16 A man has been charged with the murder of a woman whose home in Costa Meadows, Costa Canyon, was engulfed in flames on Friday night.

Authorities said they found a note in the bedroom of 23-year-old Anissa Rivera that said she would kill herself if she were to see the house burn.

The victim’s father, Manuel Rivera, said he believes Anissa was in the home when it was destroyed.

Authorities say Anissa is the second person to die in the fire, the first being a man who died Friday.

Manuel Rivera said his daughter was just a student who liked to travel, but she was just trying to have fun.

“She was just having fun.

I never thought anything like this would happen,” Manuel Rivera said.

Authorities say Anissas father has been identified as Manuel Rivera.

Investigators said a second person, a 27-year old woman, was inside the home at the time of the fire.

Investigators have not identified her, but said she has mental health issues.

Officials said there were no injuries.

The victim’s family was not at the home for the funeral.

Anissa Rivera, of Costa Mesa was pronounced dead at a hospital at 6:10 p.m.


Her body was later identified at a San Francisco hospital.

San Francisco Fire Department said in a news release that the fire appeared to have started in the living room.

More to come.