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Prince Harry has ‘the royal nail salon experience’

Royal nail salon owner Sammie Emsley, 48, has been dubbed the ‘Royal nail spa experience’ after she became a member of the royal family’s royal family in 2016.

‘We are absolutely delighted that she has been a member in the royal household,’ said Emslyn’s daughter, Katie Ems, 23.

‘The opportunity to be part of this family is incredible and I can’t wait to start working with my dad.’

Emslynn, a father of two, was a member on the Queen’s household staff for 18 years before moving into the royal salon.

She became a full member of her family in 2017 and was appointed to the position in 2018.

She has worked in the Royal household for three years and is currently a senior executive at the salon.

‘I can’t imagine my life without this opportunity,’ she said.

‘Having a role like this, it’s a dream come true for me.’

Esmley is currently working on a book to tell her story of the past two decades of her life.

‘This is something that I’ve wanted to tell for years and it’s only going to get better and better,’ she added.

‘There are some really special moments in my life and I’m really excited about what the future holds.’

Katie Esmyns mother, Barbara, was also a member until recently.

‘She was my rock and my inspiration,’ Esmys said.

She added that she would be proud to be a part of the family.

‘Katie is a rock in my family and she’s been my rock for the last two years,’ Ems said.

The Duchess of Cambridge attended a private meeting with the Duke of Edinburgh in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in June this year.

She and the Duke are expected to return to Buckingham Palace for the next three weeks in order to spend time with the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

They are also expected to visit Kensington Palace in the coming weeks.