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Rose spa covers up on alleged incident of assault

Rose spa is set to reopen on Sunday after police said the victim and her family were assaulted at a spa by three men.

The victim, a 30-year-old woman, and her daughter were at the spa in the village of Bint Sagai when they were attacked by three masked men, a police statement said.

The woman said the men shouted racial slurs at her and demanded money.

They said they were from the Palestinian Authority and that they were trying to kill the woman.

They beat the woman, who was taken to the hospital and later died.

She said the masked men were armed with machetes, a knife and a baseball bat.

The police statement did not specify what the men were doing there.

Rose is the third spa in Israel to close in recent months.

The last one closed last year amid the wave of protests that followed the abduction of three Jewish teenagers in June, which sparked the wave.

The third spa opened last week and is expected to be open until late December, when it will reopen after the summer holidays.