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What you need to know about Austin’s best spa parts

I spent a couple of hours at Bella Med Spa, which has an impressive list of products, including an “anti-aging” facial gel, an “Anti-Aging Facial Serum,” and a “Stripping Facial Brush.”

They even have a “Skin Care” section, with an “Extras” section of a range of products that you can purchase on-site.

(They also have a section of “Lifestyle” products, which I won’t bother listing.)

The products are pretty basic and easy to use.

But I’m going to highlight a few of the most popular ones. 

The anti-aging facial gel: The BellaMed Anti-Aaging Facial Gel has been around for about a decade, and I’ve seen it in a lot of different versions, but the one I got in the BellaSessions was the most recent.

It comes in three different shades, and they all have different properties. 

BellaMed’s “Skin Tone” Gel is a deep blue, and the skin tone is supposed to be neutral, but it’s actually a light, blue-tinged pink.

This gel is good for oily skin, which means you’ll have a better chance of staying hydrated and moisturized. 

But this one has a bit more of a purple tint to it, and you’ll need to wear sunscreen. 

This one is for oily/sensitive skin. 

You’ll need a sunscreen, a face mask, and a moisturizer. 

It’s really light-weight and doesn’t require any makeup to use, which is nice because it’s a little pricey at $22 for a 4oz jar. 

I didn’t feel like wearing it at the spa, because it didn’t seem like I’d have a lot to wear, but I found it really helpful.

The “Striping Facial brush” is a little different from the other facial brushes I’ve used.

It’s a slightly larger, blackened brush with a metal handle.

It has a really long handle, and it has a “cut” that makes it a little easier to work with, especially if you have dry skin.

It doesn’t seem to be as comfortable as the BellasMoral Brush, but that’s because it comes with a really nice brush attachment that can also be used to brush your face. 

One of the reasons I’m giving it five stars is that it’s super easy to clean and doesn/doesn’t contain any fragrance, which makes it great for anyone who has dry or sensitive skin.

I like the brush attachment for this because it makes it super easy and natural to use without having to do makeup. 

My favorite part about this product is that you have to use a mask to apply it.

I actually love the brush attachments, because they’re so natural and clean, but if you’re using a face shield, the mask might not work very well.

You’ll need two masks, one for each face.

The BellasMed Anti Aging Facial Gels are $21.99 for a 3oz jar, and $16.99 per 6oz jar if you want to buy a full-sized jar.

They’re available at the BellsMoral Shop in Austin, as well as at the Austin Downtown Mall. 

These are the same products I got at BellasSessions, which are a little cheaper than the BellanMed ones.

They come in a different shades and sizes, and also come with different packaging. 

They also don’t have the same warranty. 

 The spa’s “Stick” facial cleanser: The Stick Facial Cleanser is a slightly more expensive product.

It does claim to “prevent and clear blemishes and pores” from appearing on the skin, but this doesn’t work for me.

I do like the Stick cleanser because it contains the kind of ingredients that can be irritating if you are oily, but they don’t feel as hydrating as the others on this list. 

If you’re on a budget, I think the Stick Facials are worth the money.

They are definitely worth the extra money if you just want to have a cheap, effective, and quick cleanser. 

What’s your favorite spa-related product?

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