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A spa for sale

A spa that sells bath and body products at a discount, but with no warranty, has opened in Sydney’s CBD.

The Spa for Sale at the Sydney Harbourfront spa is a “unique spa” where you pay $75 for an hour and $50 for a half-hour session, said the owner of the business, John Lee.

John Lee, owner of Spa in Sydney, opened his first Sydney spa in 2003, and now he has opened a second.

He is offering $75 per hour for a session, and $40 for a full-day.

He has a 10-minute walk and a 15-minute drive, and a parking spot in the CBD.

If you want to be a customer, he said you can book an appointment on the phone for $70 a day.

If that is too expensive, you can pay $25 a day for an hourly session.

If there are people who need to visit you on a regular basis, John said you should check in at the front desk.

If people are coming to the front of the store to use the bathroom, they will be taken to the bathroom by a private attendant, he explained.

“If you go in, it will be cleaned up and ready to use, and then it will take you straight to the spa,” he said.

Mr Lee said he opened the spa in 2008 with the intention of providing a “beauty-centric” spa.

“It’s not a spa.

It’s a family place, a business, where we want people to come and relax,” he explained, adding that he was “happy to do it with a spa”.

The owner said he decided to open the business because of a need to expand his spa and provide more service.

He said he was looking for a more modern location in the inner-city.

“We have a very traditional feel, so we thought, well, why not give it a bit of a modern twist,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I just like to make things accessible and modern and modern day.”

Mr Lee is hoping to attract people with his business and he is offering free treatment to all customers.

He wants to open his business on the Sydney River, where he said he has been receiving visitors for a few years.

“My goal is to have a new spa every weekend and then we will see what happens.

We will see how that goes,” he added.”

Hopefully we will be able to open our first spa in the next three to four months.”