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What’s happening in the country’s capital?

What’s happened in Washington over the last week?

There’s been some good news.

The number of people using social media to post and share images of the national park system is growing.

And some people are taking advantage of the opportunity to talk about their own experiences with the park system, including some who’ve been there before.

One local says he’s gotten many compliments from visitors.

“It was a really special place,” said David L. Miller, the former chairman of the Park Service.

“And you really could tell the people that were there were in the park for a reason.”

And he said there was a “big surge” in visitors last week.

Miller said the park service is doing more to provide more opportunities for people to talk to the public about the park.

We have people who were in that place that were kind of lost and that have never been to a national park before, he said.

“We’re trying to make sure that they’re not lost.

I think it’s just been so nice to have the park people in the public eye and to have them be a part of the conversation and to see that they’ve been a part, that it’s been very good.”

One of those is Julie K. Koss, the assistant secretary of the Interior who’s been in charge of managing the National Park System since Jan. 1, 2018.

She says she can’t overstate the impact the park experience has had on visitors.

Koss said visitors are coming to the parks for different reasons.

Some have been coming to see the park in the past because they love the parks history and the parks people, and they want to reconnect with their roots.

Others have been looking for places to visit and see the sights, she said.

People are coming because they want a chance to get out of the city and to get away from the stresses of the office life and have that experience again.

“The experience is something that really resonates with people,” Koss said.

 “You’re in a different place from what you were before you started your work.

You’re out in nature.

You see new sights.

You have new people.

You are surrounded by nature.

And so many people say, ‘I feel so at peace here.'”